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A drinking problem

Went out last night and today, stayed in and recovered. Mainly sleeping until 7.30pm. Woke up around 1.30pm and was still a bit drunk and had to crawl around my flat. Slept more later and woke up with a hangover. Still feeling rough at the moment.

Something eventful happened which was hilarious to everyone especially flatmates xD
Passed out from drinking (first time) and didn't even make to my room. Passed out outside my room door with the key in the door. Bad times. I remember 2 flatmates woke me up around 8.30am as they just got back from the night out (*cough* walk of shame *cough* xP) and put me to bed. They thought I was dead at the time but hilarious!

Now everyone thinks it hilarious! I thought it was but not to the point they thought I was dead.

To be honest, I did drink a lot more than what I would usually. My alcohol tolerance hasn't changed but why was did I drink a lot where I ended up passing out? Was it because I was drinking my problems away?
I'm never doing it again.

I have problem! A shopping problem! ><
Online shopping is addictive <3

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