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Welcome dance from Samosir island,North Sumatra.

Batak dance on Samosir Island, Lake Toba, northern Sumatra, Indonesia

No woman No cry Versi batak

Young n Old Bataks in Lapo, never forget to find a guitar and sing a long. Singing is as necessary as eating. This view is very common in every LAPO (Tipical Batak`s Bar, cafe n restaurant)in Indonesia. The LAPO is a North Sumatran tradition. There are three elements you can find in LAPO, singing, very delicious food and TUAK.

Some bored Batak musicians give us a a taste of their traditional music.

Batak Traditional Music Concert from North Sumatera Indonesia. Presented By

DJ Toba

Bangun-bangun (=vegetable) a favorite vegetable. That's used as a diet in batak tradition when the mother has a new baby born. Since there is no scientific-proof of this (would like too)and not all...

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