Marhusor do anggo ngolu na satokkin on


sebagian gaya pemimpin Dunia(photos documentation)

And to all those who believed me....

Presiden pertama Republik Indonesia, Soekarno yang biasa dipanggil Bung Karno,

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has demanded an apology from President Obama over his recent comments on the protests in Iran. (ie. his condemnation of the unjust killings instigated by the Iranian government, as well as his support of the Iranian people and their “universal right to free speech.”

Ahmadinejad’s response: Apologize, meanie!

Well, his exact words were: “I hope you avoid interfering in Iran’s affairs and express your regret in a way that the Iranian nation is informed of it.”

Rahbar atau Pemimpin Besar Revolusi Islam Iran Ayatullah al-Udzma Sayyid Ali Khamenei

US president Barack Hussein Obama
For years, congressional Democrats tried to avoid anything that would let Republicans slap the tax-and-spend label on them. But on Friday, they cautiously embraced President Barack Obama's budget, with its ambitious blend of new spending and tax increases, calculating that they can turn the old attack line to their benefit.

Chavez Indifferent About Meeting Obama

FBI Director Robert Mueller speaks at the graduation ceremony for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Academy's New Agents' class of 2008-14 in Quantico, Virginia on October 30, 2008

Cuban President Fidel Castro takes part in a public rally in homage of the Cuban nationals killed in terrorist attacks 06 February, 2006 in Havana (ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP/Getty Images).

US President Bill Clinton makes a statement in the White House Briefing Room about the continuing crisis in the Middle East 14 October, 2000 (MANNY CENETA/AFP/Getty Images).

Former national-security adviser Henry Kissinger stands with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat December 28, 1980 in Egypt. Kissinger tried to secure peace between Israel and the Arab states, and ultimately helped improve Israeli Egyptian relations (Photo by Sahm Doherty/Liaison).

Host-nation Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto before addressing a plenary session at the Kyoto Conference (UN Photo/Frank Leather)

Vice President Al Gore Jr. about to address a plenary session at the Kyoto Conference, December 1997 (UN Photo/Frank Leather)

South African ANC leader Nelson Mandela standing with wife Winnie (Photo by Allan Tannenbaum//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images).

ST. PETERSBURG, Russian Federation: A Russian soldier runs past a huge poster featuring a sickle and a hammer on a central square of in St. Petersburg, 09 May 2005 during a military parade marking the 60th anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany in WW II (AFP/Getty Images).


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