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While some people live to
work, others work to live.
This ‘seize the day’
philosophy lies at the
heart of Chivas Regal.

Chivas Brothers traces its origins back to
1801, when the business began as a
prestigious grocery store in the port of

Chivas Regal was first created
in 1909 in the distinctive house style – a
rich, round, mellow and honeyed flavour.
Aimed at the growing markets of North
America it was the world’s first premium
Scotch whisky. Throughout the dark
years, of American prohibition and two
world wars, Chivas Regal could still be
found in the speak-easys and bars of
North America, frequently smuggled in
to meet growing consumer demand.
But it was during 1950s America – the
post-war boom years – that Chivas Regal
really found its niche. In a hedonistic
golden age, where parties could last
for days and anything seemed possible,
Chivas Regal became a familiar sight at
all the best gatherings. It was the
fashionable drink of the era, becoming a
firm favourite with Frank Sinatra and the
rest of the Rat Pack. So much so that
the US acted as a catalyst to the brand’s
subsequent global success. In response
to the luxury presentation that Americans

expected, distinctive packaging was
developed – a silver carton embossed
with heraldic symbols to reflect a noble
Scottish lineage and the chivalry of the
ancient Scottish Clans. It remains with
the brand to this day.
Chivas Regal took on a new lease of life,
in 2001, when it was acquired by one of
the world’s leading drinks companies –
Pernod Ricard. As one of the group’s
flagship brands, Chivas Regal benefited
from increased focus and investment,
culminating in four years of consecutive
growth. Today Chivas Regal is consumed
in over 200 countries from New York to
Moscow to Paris – in the coolest bars –
and in China (the world’s fastest growing
economy) is the drink of choice amongst
Shanghai’s trendsetters. In the UK, the
brand has seen double-digit growth over
the past year to become the leading
deluxe blended Scotch on the market
(Source: ACNielsen Audit Data).
Drawing on this impeccable heritage, it
has recently played host to a series of
exclusive VIP poker evenings, in top
London venues, where guests try out
their gaming skills whilst enjoying Chivas
Cocktails, to the soulful sounds of a Rat
Pack type crooner – blending modern
contemporary cool with the brand’s
iconic roots.
While it continues to grow and expand,
Chivas Regal retains a charismatic,
sociable and aspirational personality,
best encapsulated by the ‘Chivas Life’
advertising campaign. Launched in 2003,
the campaign dramatises defining
moments when friends come together to
take time out to relax. From sunsets and
lighthouses to ice-fishing in Alaska, the
campaign highlights the importance of
‘living life to the full’.
CoolBrands Chivas Regal
Premium whisky with
a passion for life
The Chivas Life is personified through
the ‘Chivas Life Series’ – a worldwide
sponsorship programme linking the
brand with inspirational sporting events
in extraordinary places, such as the
inaugural Snow Golf in St Moritz in
January 2006. The accompanying
website is another important aspect of
the global consumer campaign, offering
people the opportunity to share their
best ‘Chivas Life’ experiences. Within
12 months of launching it was
achieving over one million monthly
page impressions.
Chivas Regal aims to symbolise
friendship and sharing. It is a measure
of the brand’s status that ‘Chivas Life’
remains synonymous with a lifestyle
that whisky drinkers, the world over,
still aspire to.

Whisky, Food and Mhor

Two family-owned Scottish treasures, who put ingredients, passion and taste at the heart of what they do, picturesque Glengoyne Distillery and the fabled Monachyle Mhor hotel, are offering two exceptional culinary travel breaks, perfect for the ultimate food and whisky lover.

The packages, designed to embody Glengoyne’s ‘Real Taste of Malt, Real Taste of Food’ credentials, are available as a one night break from £280 per couple or a two night Master Class packed with fine food and rare whisky from £684 per couple.

The Mhor Food and Whisky Master Classes have been designed with the food-loving whisky fan in mind. Taking food and whisky pairing to the next level, this exclusive two-night break includes not only the finest food the area has to offer but a taste of Glengoyne’s oldest, rarest and most valuable whisky – The Glengoyne 40 Years Old, worth over £200 per dram!

Hosted by renowned chef, Tom Lewis, and Glengoyne Brand Heritage Manager, Stuart Hendry, these special events encompass the finest seasonal ingredients from Mhor hill farm, cottage garden and shooting estate, old and rare Glengoyne whiskies, great wine and a touch of fun.

Included in this very special event are:

Two nights dinner, bed and breakfast at Monachyle Mhor Hotel A welcome dram of Glengoyne 21 Years Old on arrival at Monachyle Mhor served with a traditional Scottish delicacy, created by Mhor to match the whisky Seasonal cooking demonstration and lunch with Tom Lewis at his Mhor Fish cafe in Callander A Master Blender Session at Glengoyne, Scotland’s most beautiful distillery Transport through the Trossachs with the mobile tutored nosing session using Glengoyne’s specially designed kit, along with a guide to talk through the history of whisky making in the local area Rare opportunity to taste the exceptional Glengoyne 40 Years Old Evening meal at Monachyle Mhor, hosted by Stuart Hendry and introduced by Tom Lewis, pairing the best local ingredients that Scotland has to offer with Glengoyne whiskies and Glen Guin wines, another quality brand with its history rooted in the local area.

These very exclusive, two night special events take place four times per year on 6 March, 16 June, 8 September and 10 November with prices starting from £684 per room based on two sharing.

Alternatively, the one night Whisky, Food and Mhor break includes dinner, bed and breakfast at the sumptuous Monachyle Mhor Hotel. On arrival at the hotel enjoy a dram of the exceptional Glengoyne 21 Years Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, together with a traditional Scottish Black Bun specially created by Mhor to complement the rich honey flavours of the whisky.

The following day guests make their own way through the picturesque Trossachs for a unique experience at Glengoyne Distillery. The Master Blender Session will guide enthusiasts through the distillery and into the spectacular Sample Room where each guest will create their very own unique blend with a word of encouragement or two from the expert blender. The creation is then bottled to take home and enjoy.

The one night Whisky, Food and Mhor break is available all year with prices starting from £280 per room based on two sharing.

Glengoyne and Mhor are within easy reach of Glasgow and Edinburgh, set in the spectacular scenery of the Trossachs.

How to drink scotch whisky - myths exposed!

It should be noted that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to drink Scotch whisky – it is very much down to a question of personal taste. However, let us offer a few basic suggestions and, for those interested in pursuing the pleasures of “nosing” and “tasting” further, we provide a link below to a detailed introduction to “nosing and tasting” scotch whisky.

Many who drink Scotch whisky neat say they do not want to spoil the taste by adding water. However, equally as many will say that adding a touch of water, particularly if it is pure, soft spring water, (ideally the same spring water used in the making of the particular whisky!) serves to enhance the distinctive aroma and flavour of a whisky. Tap water may contain high amounts of chlorine and therefore would not complement any whisky - your best bet is to opt for bottled Scottish mineral water!

Adding ice to a whisky can provide a refreshing drink but it should be noted that it will dull the fine taste and wonderful aromas and so should never be contemplated when conducting a “whisky nosing and tasting.” Similarly, carbonated water is not an ideal accompaniment for whisky as it will also interfere with the aromas.

The addition of mixers such as ginger ale, soda and even coca cola, is a popular trend, however it does beg the question - why drink whisky at all if you need to mask the taste?

"Nosing” and “Tasting"

The sense of smell is one of the most sophisticated of all the senses, and the pleasure that can be gained from “nosing and tasting” the many wonderful and varied scotch whiskies available today is an experience that should be treasured. This is particularly true if it is experienced in a convivial atmosphere with a group of friends – old or new.


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